Friday, December 3, 2010

First night in Siem Reap- tuk tuk, dinner and fish spa.

Our first night in Siem Reap Town was wonderful.

WE got a tuk tuk into town for $2 and we just explored the streets.  When you first arrive it seems really big but once you know your way aruond everything is really central and accessible.

We decided to dive right in and eat street food straight away.

Every night by the roadisde people set up their gas cookers and prepare local dishes.  Each dish was around $1-2 with drinks ranging from .50 to $2.

The fruit shakes in Cambodia are amazing.  Fresh fruit, ice, condensed milk all whipped up to the most delightful drink.

Cooper ordered the meal of the night, infact meal of the holiday.

Fresh seafood rice with a lemon shake all for $2.  We sat at a stall outside Molly Malones and across fromt the Red Paino.

After enjoying oour wonderful dinner it was time for a fish massage.

Cooper could only keep his feet in for a minute as it's way too ticklish and bizarre.  These places are everywhere from about $1 sometimes with a drink included.

Siem Reap town is really flat and open and most of the time Cooper and I walked on the road with his wheelchair as it was much easier than navigating the footpaths where motorbikes covered them.
It is organised chaos really with bigger vehicles getting right of way and everyone using their horns way more than necessary.

There are so many little walkways and avenues to explore in Siem Reap that you could spend weeks and weeks here finding new places to eat and drink and enjoy being in such a wonderful country.


  1. Sounds great - I don't know if I could do the fish thing though...

  2. That's such a great pic of the kids!
    The food sounds delish too.
    Looking forward to reading more

  3. How awesome! I think Coops is very brave for lasting even a minute with the fish massage, freaks me out!

  4. Huh, a fish massage? Interesting. Your kids are getting such eyefuls of different cultures on these holidays, I love it!!


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