Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Settling back in...

We are slowly but surely settling back into home after being home for 3 weeks.  Cooper is still not back to his normal self but is getting their slowly.  He had high temps for 3 days, a possible moving molar and is basically just really tired.  He did use his walker yesterday though and is gaining some strength back in his body to hoon around as he used to.

I really hope all my Christmas baking will fatten Cooper up a bit as he devours gingerbread men, friands and butter biscuits.

Cooper finished up Kinder and is now off to school in 2011.  Cooper will be attending a mainstream public school that has around 300 children.  It is about 3kms from home and we will need to drive as we have a trailer load of equipment to use!

A while back I posted about being so hesistant of having a more experienced teacher as such.  As it turns out Cooper will be having the more experienced teacher as well as full time integration aide support ( here in Vic he got Level 5 support which translates to around $38G a year from DEECD)

The more I think about Cooper starting school the more I think this classroom will be better for him, perhaps not intially for me, but for Cooper it will be good.
It will be predictable, it will be full of routine, it will be quiet and it will be ordered. Structure and discipline is perhaps not such a bad thing is it?  It just clashes with my parenting a bit and my philiosophy about children essentially but I think Cooper will soon feel safe in this setting and will know what to expect very early on.

Cooper asked me if he could have a classroom that was quiet, he gets really distressed at noise and he almost always cries and sobs when girls squeal ( so Pepper quickly worked out her best tool to annoy her brother!) He loves policing behaviour and is a stickler for rules.

Thinking about Cooper going off to school makes me feel anxious.  First time parent kind of anxious.  Letting go of control kind of anxious, trusting others.....as much as I 'd love to hang around and educate people about CP I am thinking I will need to stand back to let Cooper find his feet as well as his teachers and I can just go home and wait for 3pm.....

Talking about feeling anxious my nerves are shot after Cooper was in Hospital, I have alot of unresolved issues relating to hospitals from when Cooper first arrived.   Anyone know of a good Psych in Melbourne who might know how to deal with these things?

I never coped well with change when I was smaller and honestly the last 6 years have been full of adventure and change which I have been ill prepared for. Each time though I feel like I can cope a little more easily but it still takes it out of me for a few weeks.

Cooper is excited to start school.  He is excited to learn.  He is excited to learn Science and German.

I hope his excitement stays forever!


Pepper is a delight.  She is full on and challenging but a delight.

I just sit and watch her sometimes as she is so very amusing.  She dances alot.  She dresses up all the time.
She loves being nude and insists on drinking milo all day and not consuming much solid food at all!

She talks all the time.  She talks all about Cambodia and Bangkot (kok) and how she likes shoes and dresses and fast tuk tuks.

She says that she is Mummys girl, and Poppys girl and Brothers best friend and Nannys best friend.
She calls Daddy " Andrew" and loves counting and singing.

I look at her alot and wonder where on earth she came from but also that I created her and that I get to love her forever.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.
Thankyou for supporting our family this year and enjoying our adventures with us xx

May 2011 be full of health and happiness for all.


  1. I think it will take a while for Cooper to feel better after his Pneumonia. Violet took a long time from her bout of it in June and her lungs still don't look good now months later on xray :(

    Hope the temps are from a 6 year molar on the move and nothing more serious.

    I can definitely relate to your anxiousness about all things school related...oh I am dreading it! as you know we have minimal aide time. I am hoping the school holidays drag as much as they possibly can to avoid school starting!

    So lovely to hear of Cooper's excitement about starting school though.

    This life is one that is very hard to be prepared for. I have no advice on Psych's in Melbs sorry, only here in Sydney.

    Love the Pepper update, she is such a character!

    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Fantastic year ahead in 2011. x

  2. Merry Christmas to you all.

    I hope Cooper continues to feel better. I can fully understand your dislike of hospitals, but can't recommend a Melbourne psych...only a Sydney one :)

    I love that picture of Pepper - she needs to come and dance with Audrey - thats all she does all day long!

  3. Hi Bron, I can recommend a good psych! I know them through my work. I can pop her number in your inbox on facebook.

    PS a good psych has helped me more than once in my life xx

  4. What a beautiful, open post Bron. We followed your adventures in Cambodia with bated breath and are glad you are all home and doing ok.

    I think the experiences and memories you have given your children (even the less than perfect ones) will shape them into amazing people.

    As for feeling anxious about school not totally matching your parenting style - I hear you loud and clear on that one.

    Swiss school is the absolute model of structure, rules, order and routine and that just isn't how we parent. But Sofie has surprised me and embraces it fully. She loves knowing what to expect and when to expect it, and I think it has really helped her (also 'different' from her peers) settle in faster. Even when she doesn't understand something, she can play along and pretend she does.

    Have a wonderful warm Christmas!
    Love Fiona, having a cold Christmas!

  5. I know a fantastic art therapist. She is quite loopy herself at the moment though so perhaps you should pass on that offer! I found my last psych on the internet. I think i just googled my local area and then read some profiles and she seemed pretty on to it. If i saw her in the street i would probably burst into tears because thats what i spent once a week doing. It was the best hour of my day.

  6. I know a good psych too but she is in black rock and u probably want closer? if not, I can give u her number as she does a lot of work with post traumatic stress and coping with change. oxoxo amy

  7. Lovely loving descriptions of your children! Thank you!

    Merry Christmas! Barbara

  8. That is a beautiful, beautiful post. I love that you write so honestly and straight from your gorgeous heart. xx
    Thank you also for your sweet and kind comments on my blog. They mean a lot to me. xx


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