Thursday, December 1, 2011


The month of Christmas has begun.

I love giving handmade presents and have the perfect companion this year at 3 years old to enjoy this time with me. Cooper joins in after school and has given us many ideas for presents for his teachers this year.

Today Pep and I made Clay Tags we got the idea from a wonderful lady Maryanne from Handmade Kids.

We used air dry clay too that Pepper received as a present from her Aunty Katie.  We used stamps and our hands to make decorations that you can use as tags on presents and then use them as ornaments on your tree.  We will paint them later on today. So personal.

In the Kitchen we have been experimenting with my new stick blender and chopper.  How I lived without one I don't know!  Gone are the days of bashing Marie biscuits with a rolling pin and having the bag break 20 times. Perfect for the kids too as they can hold it and zip it and with limited mess.
We made chocolate balls and mini christmas puddings.

We also managed to make a gingerbread house from scratch which Cooper shared with his school class last week.

We made relaxation packs for Coopers teachers.  Included is handmade foot scrub salts.  We used Epsom salts and a mixture of 3 essential oils. Heat packs using lavender and rice. These are made with Christmas material and can be used hot or cold.

Our fabric Garlands look beautiful around the house and homemade Christmas ornaments for friends were made using glue, glitter and sequins.

Don't worry in between all this crafty goodness I have been feeding my son mostly 2 hourly as he grows just about as big as the Fat Man himself.

Not to forget that December also means Summer! Last day of Spring was over 30oC and today the first day of Summer I really could turn the heater on.

Bring on the Sunshine, School holidays and much needed family time, at least for the public holidays anyway!


  1. I love the crafty goodness! I'm going to make some of those clay tags with Seb, what a great idea! And what a special treat to see Woody in his onesie! So glad it fits. What an inspiring December post! Happy summer, it snowed here today!

  2. Absolutely loving your craft! I wish I had just a small bit of creativity in me... Sadly Millie is more able bodied in this area and it's not pretty either! Glad to hear all is going well. I hear you on the crowd control, a friend with teenage children told me yesterday that it does stop, just different rationale for the arguments... yikes! What are we in for!! Rach xoxo

  3. that should be doesn't stop!... can't work out how to edit it!

  4. Gorgeous pics Bron.

    But seriously - how do you have the time?? You are amazing!!


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