Monday, December 5, 2011

Smashed Pavlova.

Our chickens are back on the lay after having Winter off. This means every day we are getting at least 6 eggs. Most weighing in at 100g!

Time to make a pavlova.

6 egg whites
1tbs vinegar
1tbs cornflour
2C caster sugar.

I beat the egg whites till stiff peaks form then slowly add the sugar, cornflour and vinegar.

I bake in the oven at 150oC for about 2 hours.  Open up the oven door and leave it to cool.

Today we decided to do something different than the usual pav. We made a smashed fruit Pav.

We crushed up our cooked pav into bite sized pieces.
We whipped 500ml of cream together with a small jar of strawberry jam.
We folded it all together and threw strawberries on the top!

I can imagine one with honeycomb would also taste delicious! or chopped up Snickers!

Cannot wait for Nanny and Poppy to arrive so we can eat it!

With the 6 left over egg yolks I made my own custard for the first time ever. Easy and delicious and perfect by itself or added onto a trifle! yum!

Lucky I have 2 beautiful helpers in the kitchen.


  1. Yum - what time should I come over??

  2. Oh Bron. Stop. You know what this is doing to me. Salivating...
    Glad your chickens are giving you eggs. We're loving having fresh home grown eggs for the first time ever. Such a treat! x

  3. Yum. I love pavlova. That looks delicious and don't you love little helpers in the kitchen. xx


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