Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Cooper

I cannot believe it has been 7 years tomorrow since I met you. 7 years that my name changed from Bron to Mum. When I look at photos of that morning 7 years ago I don't even recognise that person. Firstly I look so young at age 28 and no naive about what was going to happen. I kind of hate myself in those photos and always feel so stupid that I thought giving birth to you would be a challenge and somewhat exciting and fun. I look at that person and feel like slapping her in the head and give her a serve of reality. This is the one thing i dont really talk about much, how much a messed up birth makes you turn into a hardened woman, somewhat. It changes you, your view of the world and makes your stomach turn everytime you hear about someone being pregnant or having an easy birth. It makes you feel hot, it makes you feel like vomitting and that feeling has never gone away, its always there. So 7 years on. Cooper when I look at you today you are nothing like I expected and everything I had wished for. Your smile makes me melt and your sweet morning cuddles make me feel amazing. I love the way you adore your little broter and say you will always be there to protect him and he looks right back you thinking thr same thing.You are gentle and caring and honest and funny. I remember wondering what you would be like when you were 7, and I could never imagine you would be doing what you are doing today. I found an old diary that I wrote when you were 6 months old. I wished that you would be able to sit, and use a walker at school and be able to say Mum. I am thrilled with your determination and spunk and the fact that you never give up, ever, you try and try and try and then try some more! Some people think disability is hard, and as a parent it is. There are a whole bunch of reasons why but really Coop you have opened up my life and all of our lives because of who you are. Because of you I have met some amazing families and women and children. We have been on many adventures and we get to experience life differently each and every day and I get to really enjoy the little things like Woody openining up his hand so naturally to grasp my finger, or Pepper hopping on one foot while trying to pat her head and rub her tummy. I never take anything for granted when I get to watch typical development and I never take for granted Cooper the fact that you are alive today as 7 years ago there was not much hope for you to live and now you have taught us there is always hope xx I love you so very much Cooper and am so proud of you and I cannot wait to discover who you will continue to become and we will all be there right next to you cheering you on. Stand strong matey, chin up, smile and enjoy your ride xxxx you are going to change the world one person at a time x


  1. Such amazing, beautiful, honest words Bron. So insightful too. I think us mums do appreciate so many things that others just take for granted. That's part of the gift our boys give to us. Hope tomorrow is a very special day for him (does he get the day off school??) ;-)

  2. Beautiful.

    Happy birthday to your wee Cooper for tomorrow.

  3. Happy birthday Cooper. I hope you have a great day tomorrow.

    Great post Bron. Just beautiful.

  4. Happy birthday Cooper - you are indeed going to change the world!

  5. Happy Birthday Cooper! Thanks for the beautiful post, Bron. I needed to read this tonight - to know I can be strong for my wee girl. Strong like you and Cooper :)

  6. This is amazing bron! i miss you! please check my blog out! not as amazing as yours though! hahha xoxo


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