Monday, September 10, 2012

Ramp it up!

On this beautiful Spring day after playing barbies we headed for a walk to rediscover the outdoors.

The sun was shining. Lawns were freshly mowed. We chatted to our friendly postie ( she even left a present for Pep on her birthday this year!) and Pepper scooted along humming and singing.

We live around a ten minute scoot to a bay beach here in Melbourne. We have not been to the beach all of Winter as it has been sectioned off with works going on. We spend alot of Spring and Summer at our beach and we have always just coped with the bad access to the sand. Alongside the pier was a set of steps and Cooper just parks his wheelchair up the top and we carry him onto the sand. Much of the little sand dunes were coming away and it was just looking a bit shabby.

As we approached the beach today I was thrilled to see it open again! I was hoping that there would be okay access with Cooper in mind but did not hold much hope as I have not seen many great accessible beaches.

When we came towards the pier I saw this:



And honestly I cried a little.

This means so much to my family. A local family who loves the beach and now Cooper can access the beach much more easily for the first time in seven years. I had to tell this to the lady in the bakery with tears in my eyes!

Thrilled and cannot wait for our first beach day! The ramp really completes a great beach area now with a beach cafe, decking area, toilets and showers all accessible.

We enjoyed a picnic in the creek park afterwards playing hide and seek and feeding the ducks.


  1. Oh Bron - what gorgeous photos(you make me miss suburban Melbourne), and the beach access is AMAZING!
    How fantastic for your family (and no doubt many others).
    Can't wait to see what Cooper thinks ;-)

  2. Awesome - I have tears in my eyes and its not even my beach!

  3. Cant wait to take Coops and Pep down to the beach one day. Jess xo

  4. Oh that is bloody brilliant! The way all access should be! Have you taken Cooper down yet? Think I know which beach we will be visiting this Summer ;) x Di

  5. Wow that looks bloody fantastic, can see many hours of joy down the beach this summer. Bron I saw a great story on the USC (Uni of the sunshine coast) website today, one of the young guys with CP has just finished one of his many degrees to go on and teach at a local primary school. If you get time have a look. Em

  6. Wow that is just a fantastic ramp for your beach, i have found it such a long road with our Council to get these projects done. I would really encourage you, to acknowledge the movers and shakers of this project(thru the paper or thank you letter) that made it accessible, nothing like a bit of credit to those involved to feel appreciated and when they come to do another project they will remember your family.

  7. I love your pictures.. simple and yet so poignant! And your kids looked adorable! :)

  8. Rad! Plus it's one of the best piers to jump off in Melbourne!

  9. That looks wonderful! I spent 30 minutes dragging Bertrand in his wheelchair down some steps and across the sand so he could enjoy the beach in San Diego. It was an even longer drag back, but the back pain the next day was totally worth it. He was positively joyful at the beach! Maybe a flight to Melbourne would be worth it just for an accessible beach. ;) What a treasure for your gem of a family!


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