Saturday, September 22, 2012

Woody is ONE

Dear Woody, Today you are One. Happy birthday my precious little guy.
Here is a photo journey of your first year.
When you were first born you were a bit sick. You had no energy and needed help breathing ( later on we found out I had had a placental abruption a few days before and you did not have enough blood) Helping you breathe initally popped your lung so you needed extra help and spent a week in Nicu. I am so sorry that I did not call you mine until about day three. I was too scared to even look at you, to even touch you, to even love you......incase I lost you. I just shut down, stared into those surgical lights and pretended it did not happen.
This is the first photo we have of Elwood "Woody". He was about three hours old. Cooper had raced into the city with Poppy Nev to meet his brother as he was so worried about him. Poppy was worried about me. I was just out of recovery sitting in my room. I was wheeled down the next day feeling numb.

I am certain my greys doubled even tripled that week. This is our first family pic. Woody was taken out of his humicrib and we all held him for the first time.

You came home and made us a family of five.

Your brother adores you and says he will always protect you.
Your sister will be / is your partner in crime! She loves you so much.
They have taught you to be silly! They laugh at every cheeky thing you do.
You are part of the family.

Somehow we manage to get out the door on time most days!

Woody I adore our breastfeeding relationship. This is a picture Pepper drew when you were about 6 months old. It is not that true to scale!

At five months you started moving and have not stopped!


Woody you are an absolute delight. I never grow tired of walking into your room in the morning. Pep is always in there first chatting to you and climbing in your cot. Cooper is in there next standing and telling you about dungeons and guns. I scoop you up and you lay your head on my shoulder for a moment. You smell devine and I try and get you to snuggle closer but you are squirming to play.

I love seeing this photos as I cannot really remember the moments as life seems too busy with three children to think clearly about anything!

You are so easygoing and happy to be part of the family and you have a constant audience appaulding everything that you do. You are bright and happy and resilient, traits I hope you keep forever. You are smart, knowing, affectionate, cheeky, stubborn and strong willed.

We are so lucky to have you. You have changed our lives, changed our days and I really know I am alive as you climb up steps at a fast rate just to see if I can run in time to catch you and you dive off smiling.

Much love to you Woody, thanks for choosing us as our family.



  1. A beautiful post Bron, and those photos are gorgeous.

    Happy Birthday Woody!!

  2. Ahhh, I love him! I just want to reach all the way across the world and kiss those cheeks :) Happy Birthday Woody!

  3. Happy birthday Woody! What a gorgeous boy and beautiful journey in pictures. I remember my heart aching for you when I read about his troubled start. I wanted to give you a great big hug and take the pain away. Now I celebrate with you and your beautiful family! What a treasure that boy is. Enjoy your birthday celebrations! Lots of birthday love from The Sharps.

  4. Happy Birthday Woody!! Such beautiful family photo's, you can see the love in each one xx

  5. Happy Birthday Woody!! Just L O V E the photos Bron...just gorgeous.

  6. Wow! Great post - he sure does look a lot like the other two. I didn't remember about his rough start. Happy birthday to him!

  7. That was so beautiful Bron. I can only imagine your fear in those first 3 days- especially when you understand the NICU experience. What a joyous reflection- in words and pictures- of your family.

  8. Gorgeous pics. I hope Woody had a super special birthday. Love from us all xx

  9. Loved looking through all the photos of Woody's 1st year. Bring on the party! Love Jess

  10. Oh my favourite photo is the one with Coops and Woody on the chair together - so cute! Jess xo

  11. Happy birthday Mr W. wow can't believe you are 1 already.

  12. Wonderful photos, loved looking at these x


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