Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebrating milestones { a writing prompt}

Today I took Woody for his twelve month check up at the local Maternal Child Health nurse. I had cancelled another appointment and thought I better go just to get my name ticked off the list even though I had no concerns. Well almost none.

My only concern is actually going and ticking boxes about my child and their development. Most Mums probably love going especially with their first to smile and enjoy hearing how well their baby is doing. I don't. It reminds me of taking Cooper and having to realise again and again how developmentally different he really was.

I do know this is not Cooper it is Woody.

The health nurse rattled off a list of questions which honestly Pepper answered far more full of knowledge than me. She was able to tell her the words that Woody can say and when he says them. She told her that Woody has four teeth which he cleans each morning and night. She knew that he can stand my himself for moments and that he was trying to take some steps. She told her what he eats for each meal and that he uses a spoon to devour anything and everything. As she spoke I smiled as she relayed information about her brother which such love and admiration. Nurturing and caring.

He tracked an object with his eyes, he held a ball, he turned his head towards a sound. All because his brain just tells him to do it.

Cooper insists he is so clever, this baby brother of his. ( I secretly think clever has nothing to do with it. His brain is typical, it is not damaged, it does what it does naturally, without question).

Cooper is so proud of his brothers agility. He cant believe he is only one and he can climb up onto the kitchen bench already. Neither can I.

Then we weighed and measured.

His head is bigger than average which is no genetic surprise and his length is Just above average at 76cms.

11.3kgs. Sitting on the scales.

Do you know it took Cooper up until four years old to crack the 10 kg mark?. Woody is thriving. He is spot on in all areas. He is a delight. It was an easy appointment for him, for me, if only I did not have to remember or be reminded that the first time round was so very different but then thats the reason I know to enjoy every little milestone now.


This past weeks milestones:

  • Coopers first sail
  • Cooper put his own pants and top on.
  • Woody stood by himself
  • Woody drew with pencils
  • Pepper started to recognise sight words while reading.
  • Pepper started dance class
  • Pepper learnt to skip
  • Woody weaned fully.

I am joining Ellen in her writing prompt. Pop over and read some beautiful words shared by other Mums.



  1. I never even took Ashlea to the local health nurse - she was WAY out of their league!!

    Lovely to hear all your kids milestones.

    1. I think I only stuck with it the first year or so with Coop. Woody has only been twice ;). Thanka so much for reading my writing x

  2. So many things to be proud of this week! It is lovely to see all 3 of your little treasures doing new and exciting things.

    1. Thankyou Melissa for reading. Indeed I am very proud!

  3. What lovely milestones to remember and celebrate.
    And I am glad Woody's appointment went well, even if it did remind you of Coopers appointments. I love that Pepper did all the answering though ;-)

    1. Thankyou Fiona x We hope to add a visit to Switzerland as a milestone one day ;)

  4. I never bothered too much about milestones with twins, since both were doing similar things i figured they were ok . I am glad Woody is doing so well. Cooper is in a league of his own and with his tenacity he will achieve great things that can't be measured.

  5. Well done you for going. Pretty sure I didn't last past the 3 month visit with Amir! And Glad to hear he's tracking so well. You need to train Pepper up so she can attend all appointments for you in the future ;) x

  6. How sweet that Cooper is so proud of his brother's accomplishments!!


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