Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday- day 18 of thankfulness.

Today I am thankful for:
Cooper getting his class award for a persuasive writing task ( it was on Friday but so worth mentioning) naturally it was at assembly on a Friday afternoon which I usually attend but Andrew had offered to pick Coop up so we both missed it. Cooper was very proud. I always knew he was persuasive, I live with it everyday!
Mowing the lawn and playing outside in the sunshine.
Being able to pick fresh rocket and coriander to have with our flatty tails for dinner.
Wide open spaces to play. The coits game I found on hard rubbish a few weeks back ( well I found the rings then an old lamp table which I turned upside down and we use the leg as the stake)

Time for coffee and craft with Pep while Woody napped and Andrew and Coop went to the movies.


We also enjoyed a family swim at the gym that Andrew is a member and it was amazing to see Pep jump in from the edge and Cooper be able to relax his body a little as he gained more confidence in the water.


Hope you had a lovely weekend.




  1. Ha ha - great award. I live with a master negotiator too!

    1. Oh I live with two, possibly three, cant tell yet as grunting, pointing and screaming is his way of getting what he yeah i live with three! ;)
      Funnily enough I share that trait.....

  2. How funny both you and Alison mention master negotiators- I have one too!!!! I love the vegie patch too Bron :)

  3. Thankyou i wish i spent more time in the garden though! When are you heading down south?

  4. Love the master negotiator award! Congrats Cooper! Mmmm flatty tails and fresh rocket and coriander from the garden-YUM!!!


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