Monday, December 10, 2012

Beach days.

What a perfect way to start the week. The beach to ourselves, sunshine, warmth, relaxed and easy. The kids stayed dry for about 12 seconds and had a blast on the sand and in the water.

Plus great coffee at the beach cafe.

Last week was super busy as Cooper was at home for three days. His integration aide was sick, the back up staff were also sick and his class teacher was sick so he stayed home. I thought it was amazing that after two years it was the first time it had happened. Next year the school hopes to employ another integration aide which will be great as a backup for Cooper and to ease the pressure on his current support staff.

2 weeks of school left. 2 Kinder sessions and then it's home until Jan 30th.

We all cannot wait to slow down and even come to a stop and breathe again.

This week I am keen to share all our Christmas craft we have been doing to thank the many people who share the lives of my beautiful kids x Let the festivites begin!


  1. I need to come and visit you and your beach - it looks lovely.

    PS Love the Christmas header :)

  2. I LOVE the new header picture - it's gorgeous.
    And the beach looks amazing. I could seriously do with some of that right now.
    I just shoveled 20cms snow off the driveway and it is still coming down by the bucket load ;-)

  3. Hi Bron;

    Gorgeous new header!!! - I am soooo jealous of that nice warm beach too :)

    Also, I have tagged you in the lieber award on my blog..

    Hope all is well,
    T x

  4. So pretty!! :) It was nice to wake up to a little bit of summer this morning because here in America, it's freezing cold!

  5. I want to be at that beach! Can't wait to see your craft!


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