Sunday, December 16, 2012


After taking a few steps a few weeks back, Woody went back to crawling, no steps. On Thursday he stood up and walked across the room. Now he walks down the hallway and down the path. He eats while he walks, he crouches down and picks something up only to walk again. He talks while he walks. He walks over different surfaces. He applaudes his efforts as do we all.
I still watch with wonder that it all happens so easily just when his brain and body were ready. He did not have to learn how to do it, he does it with almost no thought. He just does it as its the next thing to do along this typical developmnet path. It is so amazing to witness, to smile at, to enjoy, to giggle as he balances and to sooth when he hits his end for the forth time in a day. He wobbles along, smiling widely toward his brother who when high kneeling is the perfect height to tackle and give a big bear hug too. Two brothers so very different in their movement and development yet so very lucky to have eachother to learn from and embrace life together as they discover this world.


Woody aged 14 months. xx


  1. So beautiful Bron!! I love Woody's suit- very cute to suit your very cute boy.


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