Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas decorating. Hooked on 3M!

My kids are loving decorating the house for Christmas! They are just HOOKED on spreading the Christmas cheer around the home!

I bet you are thinking I had to bang nails into my wall to do that? Are you wondering if a few chunks of plaster fell out too? No they are hooks! Stick on hooks. WOW those hooks must be super strong to hold those kids you must be thinking! You could use those hooks for anything!

Well they are and you can! They are the new range from 3M called Command Clear Hooks! The range is available in a selection of sizes and formats and are priced from $6.99 ( RRP).

You can decorate without a single nail hole and they show off your precious decorations beautifully.
They go on easily, hold on strongly and come off cleanly. The little adhesive stickers even have extra help to let you know which side goes on the object and which on the wall! Easy!

I loved the decorating clips used above to hold a handmade ornament from Pepper and my beautiful crocheted Santa and Rudolf. Because they are clear you can show off your decoration without bringing attention to the hook.

The kids Christmas present to their teachers this year are Monogram Letters made from buttons. It was a task that they could both do and be creative in choosing their buttons and colours. Cooper needed a little bit of extra help but a perfect activity for developing fine motor skills. The kids really enjoyed making these.

All you need are
  •  buttons ranging in colours and size
  • art canvas
  • hot glue gun ( adult use only)
  • pencil to draw the letter shape.( you can freehand, stencil, or search the web for the font you love)

When it is finished it looks great displayed up on a wall using the clear 3M hook. ( I will be adding a pkt of small sized hooks in for each canvas so their teachers are able to hang their art effortlessly and straight away)

Now I am hooked on these hooks we are ready to hang our Christmas lights on the front porch and the kids can't wait!

I am participating in the #3M Christmas campaign. I received a VISA gift card for this post courtesy of 3M via Digital Parents Collective. I am also in the running to win an Ipad 3. As always, all opinions are purely my own.

Disclaimer: Although the hooks do come in a range of sizes and weight holding ability they cannot really hold 12,18 or 20kgs !



  1. Love the photos of the kids hanging on the wall!!

  2. The picture of your kids is priceless! I love your button idea too, so simple but so unique :)

  3. Woody looks very worried you are going to leave him there ;). Love the button art! Looks like it will be boring chocolates for teachers from us this year....feeling very inadequate ;). Di

  4. I love how Cooper and Pepper are playing along, but Woody is like "What the...?" So cute!

  5. One of the best photos ever! I love the expression on Woody's face. Love Jess

  6. Love the kids hanging on the wall. I am totally stealing that idea for next year's Christmas card :)

  7. Love the knitted wall hangings.. Very cute. Wish I had the drive to get crafty again. Merry Christams!

  8. This very cool box buttons. Happy Christmas


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