Sunday, December 9, 2012

First ballet concert.

Yesterday Pepper had her very first ballet concert after starting ballet only this term.
The ballet school she goes too is only small with ages from about 2-6 and very relaxed and nicely casual. She was a reindeer for her concert and was so excited and a little nervous.
The concert was very sweet, simple and entertaining as the kids had a good time on stage rather than stress about what they had learnt to perform.
Thankyou to Nanny, Poppy, Aunty Jess and Uncle Steve for coming to support Pep.

She loves her dancing class and we hope to find one for next year to fit her busy Kinder schedule!


  1. What a gorgeous little reindeer :)

  2. oh my god, that is the cutest little dance costume!!!

  3. Thank you Bron. We were delighted to be there. Love Jess x

  4. Pepper is so beautiful. Piper is starting Ballet next year as well and the only class we could find for her was at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. There was one on Thursday morning, but she has swimming then!!! Arrggghhhh. It's crazy.

    I hope you have a beautiful Christmas with your gorgeous family and that Pepper finds a class to suite her busy schedule. xx


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