Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bike riding

This is a moment I never thought possible.
I never really allowed myself to hope.
I never really imagined my kids to be out riding together, independently, excited, happy, proud.

Often the thing about disability is that you have to constantly reassess and reevaluate your ideas and expectations of normality. Everyday a new kind of normal is being created in your mind.

When I was growing up in suburban Melbourne I would spend all day on the weekend riding my bike, up and down the street, with friends, with neighbours, in and out of eachothers houses and exploring the neighbourhood.  We spent all day outside, playing, creating games, using our imaginations, filling the cubby with grass for carpet, jumping on the trampoline until dusk.

Being a parent I often have moments that I long to share with my kids of things I used to enjoy at thier age.  The difference is I was an abled bodied 7 year old and Cooper is not.  Our family is different to my growing up family.  Our son has a disability that then in turn really affects how we access activities outside the house. Its never as simple as us all walking out the door, jumping into the car or running down the street. Most things have to be planned, thought about. We have to organise how we are going to fit which bit of equipment into the car or how we are going to get to the event with a power wheelchair, or walker, or manual wheelchair.

The bike was introduced on the weekend. Thanks to my lovely friend Di for allowing up to borrow it and alloawing Cooper to experience this.

" I never knew I even wanted a bike" he said after riding all morning.

It was 8am on a Saturday, it was raining and there was no excuse not to get out there in it. My son was excited to ride by himself.  He did not care it was raining and neither did I. I have Fiona to thanks for endless inspiration of Swiss wet day activities and I am so glad I can finally celebrate that we too as a family could get outside and explore!

Cooper did have 2 stacks but got back up with grazed hands and started riding again.  He never gives up. He was thrilled to share his achievements with his class this morning as we excitedley watched the above little movie.

Once again Cooper has proved to me that it is okay to believe x

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Woody

Our beautiful baby boy.
Eight months next week and just a delight.
We all love you so very much baby Woody x

Monday, May 14, 2012

Girl talk. blah!

Driving in the car pepper " mum when i was at the party Miss 3 ( who shall remain nameless for this post) said that my hair was not pretty. She said she did not like it. ( added to a few wardrobe comments at kinder apparently) I am thinking oh my goodness this crap starts early.... andrew says " sorry pep who said that?" Pep " you know Daddy the pretty girl" I am continuing to want to scream. luckily Cooper starts carrying on at how mean that was to say that, how she is this and that.... He turns to Pepper and says "but Pep you are the one who is so beautiful."( precious boy) We ask Pep how it made her feel when she said that ? " well i dont really care" We were both so proud to hear her say that. we talked about hurtful words and feelings etc. cooper then said " I dont even notice what people look like and dont think about if someone is pretty or not" cooper you may want to walk and say you want to be " normal" but honestly your beautiful soul is way more important than walking legs in my mind. we hope Pep can start to use her extreme home confidence a little more with her peers as she has no issue telling her brother he will end up in the dungeon if he annoys her!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Mothers Day would not have been possible if it were not for the my three precious children.
I am grateful that I am a mother. The mother of 3 children. The mother of two sons and a daughter. The mother of a school aged child. The mother of a baby. A mother of a child with a disability.A mother who has the best and often most seemingly challenging job in the world. I think back to when I was not a mother, when I was Bron and I had so much time and money! ( well it seems like it in hindsight). I thought I loved things but it was not until I met these three that I fell into a love so so powerful and so enveloping that I would do anything and everything to make sure these three are all that they wish to be and more x

We spent the day seeing a movie together. A family outing that we could all access and enjoy. Cooper lost a tooth while eating popcorn and is just looking adorable as a toothless 7 year old. Woody gained 2 teeth and slept all night. Pepper decided to ride her bike off a small table and graze her back ( she is fine) so another entertaining day at our house!

Happy Mothers Day to all x

Monday, May 7, 2012


At 7 years old I finally lost........

My first tooth!!!!!!

I am really grown up now!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NDIS Rally.

On Monday 30th April Australia held rallies in each capital city to raise awareness and lobby the government to support an NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme).

The easiest way to think about it or explain it seems in relation to the TAC here in Australia.
For example  if you are driving home from the birthing unit at the hospital with a neutotypical brand new baby and are involved in an accident which then sees that child with a brain injury, their needs are met through the TAC insurance , their life is covered in the sense of therapy, equipment and general well being.

Go back a few hours to when the baby was born and something went wrong during the birthday process or in utero or genetically and they have a brain injury then they are not covered for their lifetime of support needs/therapy and equipment.

For example when Cooper needed a power wheelchair for indpendence and for access it took over 14 months to obtain.  We had to wait for funding and approval and then fundraise the gap between what the government covered and the price that the manufacturer charged.

So we headed into the city of Melbourne to support people and their families living with disability for whatever reason and with whatever type.

First of all we all wore red. We all stood out.

Arriving at the main train station in Melbourne was in my eyes very overwhelming. I knew there were lots of different types of disabilities, I knew the numbers where high, but all in one spot, this was highlighted immensely.  One tiny lift on each platform would only fit 2 power chairs so the queue was huge!

It was very overwhelming for me seeing parents with their adult children and it just cements the fact that disability is forever and independent living is very far out of ours and Coopers reach.

Cooper loved seeing all the powerchairs and zoomed around Federation square confidently checking everyone out!

We caught up with and met some beautiful families that have been an amazing support to me online and in person for the last few years.

Cooper then did a presentation at school about the rally, educating his classmates, and that is what is so fantastic about having a child with a disability in a mainstream environment. Everyone wins.

Cooper counts. Go and support the NDIS.

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