Thursday, January 10, 2013

School holidays and my exercise demons.

It is well and truly Summer here and we have been enjoying the sunshine, beach, backyard and catching up with many friends and family.

The days start early as the birds start to chirp and we are in full swing by 8am often heading out for a walk or to the beach.

Woody is loving the water so much and shows no fear as he waddles into the water laughing as a wave topples him over. He gets up again and again sharing the same persistence as his siblings. Cooper is also more confident in the water and splashes about on his knees or tummy going under and gaining his balance as a wave tips him over. Pep squeals with delight as she jumps the waves and counts how long she can stay under water for.

Our morning walks have been great for everyone. Andrew joins us on the weekend. Its gets us out and active as we do a 3km loop with Pep scooting, Cooper in his powerchair and Woody in his pram or walking some of the way. As a family we are so much fitter and healthier and happier.

We have been doing a load of cooking at home too thanks to our Thermomix Christmas present. We love it, use it everyday more than once and have loved discovering how to make many new things from scratch.

Pep making Cheesy mite scrolls.

Lemon tart.
Tuna pesto salad
Basil and feta pizza.
My little kitchen helper.
As for me I have been sticking to my goal of four gym sessions a week. I have been doing that for six weeks now and am well and truly hooked.

In my past as a young 20's something I was super fit and used to compete in triathalons. I even sported a six pack!, but deep down had a very unhealthy relationship with a person and also with eating and exercise. On the outside I may have looked great but inside I was miserable. I have always been scared to go back to exercise obsession as I did not want to be that person again so it was always an excuse in my head not to get fit.

I had gotten into some unhealthy food habits and was a desperate emotional eater. If I was stressed with the kids a block of chocolate would always be in hand.

Ten weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend that made me realise my excuses were invalid, they were useless and I needed to change. Woody weaned, there was light at the end of the tunnel as far as being able to get time to myself. My mind changed to thinking that I am deserving of happiness and good health and that I can do this. I am worthy of this and more than capable. For me exercising is about being alive for a very long time, for being active with my kids now, to be able to lift and transfer Cooper forever and for me to have time for myself doing something that benefits everyone.

So in ten weeks I have lost 10 kgs. I am aiming for another ten to be in my healthy weight range as well as gaining much needed core strength.

I am really proud of myself so treated myself to my first hair cut and colour in three years! I never used to make the time to do things for myself and it was about time! I had 2 inches cut off and my grey blends in much more nicely now! So thankyou to Andrew for signing me up to the gym and for dragging me along that first night when I could only manage 30 seconds of running on the treadmill.

Tonight I ran for 26 mins covering 4 kms so I am getting closer to my goal!





  1. Woo hoo Bron! Its funny as about the same time as you, I had a similar revelation and I started to really think about how I was not strong enough to lift Georgie as she gets bigger... I am not quite doing as much as you but I am twice a week doing a personal training session and certainly havent had the weight loss you have, but I just feel soooo much better for it and feel like I can face the prospect of being able to lift her for the time being anyway! It is time for me alone as a person which I never thought would come! Well done you. Sorry I cant make catch up next week but hopefully another time soon. Was so great to see you before Christmas. My NY resolution involved blogging of sorts so I am back hopefully on at least a weekly basis! Happy New Year to you all. Rach xoxo

  2. Well done Bron - but you know we'll need a proper photo of your new 'do!!

  3. You go girl! I don't know how you find time for the gym, so I am doubly impressed. :)

  4. Well done Bron.
    What an amazing job you are doing, and your post really made me think about how important it is to prioritize time for yourself too.
    You put it brilliantly (as usual).

  5. Excellent work Bron! Nice looking legs but wish I could see your face to go with your gorgeous hair. Love Jess

  6. Well done Bron... you're right about it being well and truly summer! back from Melbourne now but it was hot, hot, hot most of the time! Even in usually non-summery Christchurch, we actually seem to be getting a string of very warm days! The beach sounds so nice at the moment.

    Good going on the gym too. I too am trying to eat a bit better, been counting my calories and increasing my water intake... bit harder on the exercise front when my mobility is so limited but trying to push my manual chair around when I can. Time will tell if it makes any difference but every bit counts.

    I am pleased 2013 has started out so well for you all. Here's hoping the rest of the year is just as successful!

  7. Wow Bron, amazing..... so much of what you wrote I can relate to, thank you....You have inspired me to get my act into gear now, and not wait till the kids go back.... I agree, we need to see a full picture of the gorgeous new you!!!

  8. oh and if you haven't already, check out, for some awesome thermomix recipes!!!!

  9. I love the happiness of your writing. You go girl xxxx Naomi

  10. Wow Bron!! What a wonderful post. I am so curious about thermomix and I have done a bit of research. I will be looking forward to more posts about how much you love it.

  11. I love all of the sun in your pictures as I am yearning for it in the darkness and grey of our winter!
    And kudos to you for the gym routine! Keep it up!

  12. Well done Bron for making the change and putting you and your health first!

  13. awesome bee! you can move mountains! x

  14. How did I miss this post?! I am so impressed with your return to exercise and the weight loss. I've never really been to a gym but have realised that's ny next step. That need to stay strong as our boys get older and bigger is very real. You rock x Di


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