Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cooper is Eight.

Today you are eight.

I can hardly believe it has been that long since we first met.

Sometimes it feels like yesterday and other days I cannot remember life without you.

Some mornings you snuggle close, your arms wrap around my neck, your curls frame your face and you gently kiss my cheek.

Then that same day you tell me I am annoying and I find it so hard to relate to a boy. You knee walk away with a grin on your face as you stick your finger up at me. I try not to laugh and am secretly impressed you can manage that with controlling your muscles so well. I am also mortified that my precious boy is gaining such an attitude at such a fast pace.

You are changing, you are breaking away, you are becoming more you and less a child.

It is now more about your future rather than about your past.

For so long your birthday has always been about where you came from. For me it has always been hard, a time of reflection and brings back memories I try so hard to hide every other day of the year.

This year it is about you.

You have planned your little party for the last few weeks. You have delegated everyone their job and given lists of food for people to prepare. You have excitedly invited friends from school and made sure Pep and Woody have siblings to join them for the afternoon.

I am so proud of you. You have changed my life. I look forward to seeing what you will achieve in your future. I believe you can do anything and will do anything.

We are so lucky to have you. We are lucky you fought to live. I am amazed each and every day of your strength and determination. Mostly it drives me batty but I would not have you any other way.


  1. Happy birthday Cooper!!! Keep working on that attitude, it will make life easier :0

  2. Happy birthday Cooper! We love you! Have a fantastic party! Beautiful post Bron. You are brilliant.

  3. Happy birthday Cooper - I hope you have a great day!

  4. Happy birthday! We are one day apart birthday wise. I turned 21 yesterday! Hope the party was great. Xx

  5. Happy happy birthday cooper! Hope it's been a great day and that you had an awesome party. Love the Taylor gang xoxoxo

  6. Hope you are having a great birthday Cooper, Love Naomi, Luke, Harvey & Pippa xxx

  7. Happy Birthday Cooper! I'm glad to hear the day is changing for you Bron xx

  8. The happiest of days to Cooper and the rest if your gang x x

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your family sounds amazing, and I look forward to reading more. Just read your post on Chiang Mai... that was my favourite city in Thailand :)

    Happy birthday Cooper!


  10. OMGoodness! You said I was cool? You are super cool and I loved reading about Cooper. you are so inspirational and I absolutely love that you continue to live, dream and travel with your kids. Nothing keeps you down, that really spoke to me. I am now a follower. So happy to have connected with you!

  11. Oh, yes, Happy Birthday Cooper!!!!

  12. Oh I love a party!!! I hope it is everything that Cooper wanted. Turning 8 is very exciting :)

  13. You have the most inspiring little boy, Bron!!


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