Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Giveaway thanks to Stockland.

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The big kids are at school and Kinder and for a few hours a week its just Woody and I at home. It has been really busy working out drop off and pick up times plus swimming lessons thrown in there. We are still finding our groove.

Woodys favourite and most used word is car. I worked out today that we got in and out of the car 12 times before 130pm. Luckily Andrew is doing the pick up tonight!

I have been busy on Sunday making lots of dinners to freeze for the week as some nights we are home at five and everyone is hungry and exhausted. I have made some great Thermomix curries and had a go at my first every lasagne.

I've made sausage rolls for the lunchboxes and some great pumpkin scones and orange cake. I try and whip around the house to do a general tidy up while Woody naps. I do school lunches the night before and have all the bags packed and clothes out the night before.

I have found some great little items by Typo that would bring a smile to my face each day and brighten up my home as I rush in and out this year.

Magnetic frames. Love this idea for the fridge.
A4 chalkboard. Pepper would love this.
Recipe box to store all my new found creations.

Travel mug for my newest love Chai Latte


Why not make your home the best it can be in 2013? I'm giving away one $40 Typo gift card to help you create the perfect space.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which is your favourite space in your home and which Typo product you would love.

Winner will be sent a $40 Typo giftcard as decided by me for the most creative response.

Competition is only open to Australian residents and closes Sunday 17th February at midnight.



  1. I just wanted to say Woody is soooo cute in this pic! Love Jess

  2. My favourite space is actually Nell's bedroom now that I think about it. Probably because it is all baby friendly and so we are not grabbing shampoo bottles, plastic bags, jewelry boxes or weed killer out of her little mitts when we play in there.
    Also, sitting on her bed and snuggling while she has her bottle before bed is my favourite part of the day. and all the best art work is in her room too.
    I like the magnetic frames best...i have limited pictures on the wall because we can't just bang in a nail so this is a terrific alternative. x katie

  3. I recently got rid of two armchairs, and loving the space in our living room right now! The mess and clutter seems less so, even though its just the chairs gone (more room for lego!) I love all things typo, and might not be able to choose! The chalkboard would be handy, but I also like their mugs and stationery!

  4. Ooo ... I love my cosy corner! It the only place in the whole house that is just mine, no shoes, no toys, no dirty socks, nothing but my small laptop table and arm chair. This is my space for creative thinking, reading, blogging and well me time! I love having a get away place!

  5. Ooh - I want that chalkboard - would be a great photography prop.

    My favourite spot is definitely my COUCH for flopping on at the end of the day!

  6. I feel your pain with the car rides. I hope you and Woody are enjoying your alone time :)

  7. My favourite place is the chair in front of my sewing machine. When I'm sitting there, I find my bliss and have some precious me time (even though I'm usually making something for the kids!).

    I'd love that recipe box from Typo. I have so many cut from magazine recipes scattered - it would be great to get them under control!

  8. This giveaway is now closed. Thankyou for entering. Congratulations to Middle class mama, hope you enjoy your gift card. I will be in touch today.


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