Friday, February 1, 2013

Grade Two

Cooper has started Grade Two at nearly 8 years old. ( his birthday is next Thursday).

His first day report when I picked him up was:

" It was very calm, no one got yelled at and my teacher is very mother henish"
"It was awesome"
" I did not have to do any work!"

He got two birthday invites already and has a bunch of his friends in the same class as him which I am thrilled about. I sat in on the class this morning and it was so lovely and the kids all seem so keen to learn and happy to be in the classroom. His teacher encourages great respect for listening to others and not calling out which enables Cooper to communicate more effectively. He was participating beautifully and keen to share his ideas.

He happily finished off the week but is already pretty tired from the full days back at school.
Next week he will continue school for four days a week with Wednesday off when he does speech therapy and he is also starting swimming lessons.

Pepper had her Kinder orientation and will start her full sessions next week. Her teacher seems lovely and Pepper will thrive being there four times a week. She is also doing swimming lessons.

We are happy it is Friday and we can have an easy weekend in preparation for the busy weeks coming up.

If anyone is reading that has any ideas for Cooper gaining some weight I am keen for ideas! We are seeing a dietician next week as well as a Paed review this month. In the back of my mind I am anxious about what they may suggest further down the track if we cant get weight on him.
I just weighed Coop and he is still the same weight as this time last year ( 18kgs) he has grown in height.



  1. Lovely to hear that the school and kinder year has started well! RE: the weight thing, well, we have the same problem. I am guessing you have tried Polyjoule? Polyjoule added to everything will double the calorie content. You can buy Polyjoule in a tin at most pharmacies. Ryley's paed has run a heap of tests on him because he hasn't grown in height at all in the past 6 months. It is neverending I swear!

  2. It sounds like it is all going great Bron, and Cooper looks SO grown up!
    And thanks for your sweet comment on the Blog. I'll send you an e-mail later, but we really are ok ;-)

    No help with the weight question though. I also have a seriously underweight kid (Emily), and as hard as we have tried she has stayed the same for over 2 years. At her last pediatrician appointment they suggested various high calorie drinks and bars that she could snack on between meals, but they filled her up, so she all but stopped eating regular food. Obviously a high calorie drink isn't as nutritious as a meal containing fruit and veg, so we stopped the supplements.
    Good luck, and I will be interested to her what they suggest for Cooper.

  3. Campbell never seems to gain any weight either. He eats like a horse with a beautifully balanced diet but still remains the same weight for years on end...until he grows upwards- never out!! We have been reminded by specialists to feel blessed that he does not weigh more then we can lift- we like to go with that and pray that the tummy bugs stay away (he can't afford ANY weight loss).

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