Thursday, February 14, 2013

Summer and a mini Triathlon.

We are taking advantage of the last month of Summer here in Melbourne. The nights are long and light and its beach weather most afternoons. Dinner happens outside and the kids bath in plastic tubs in the garden.
The kids have their swimming lessons once a week, we go for a family pool swim on a Sunday and a beach swim too.
They are more confident in the water with Woody being the most confident, which is really a toddler running into the water, toppling over, resurfacing and laughing then repeating the process a million times!.
Andrew has signed us both up for a mini triathlon next week. By mini it means its a 300m swim in the bay, 10km bike ride and then a 2km run.
The last time I did a triathlon I was 23.....I am now closer to 37 with three kids later....
My goal is to actually do it in a respectable time....under an hour?.....To complete it and enjoy it.
So I got a bike this week as its kind of essential for the bike part of the triathlon! I love riding, I had forgotten how much fun it is. I used to ride to school everyday for 12 years.
I also got Woody a seat for my bike and have been on a couple of short trips with him. He loves it.

Pep is loving her Kinder class this year. She is so keen to learn and loves doing Coopers homework and readers with him each night. Above is a picture and some writing she did.

                                                 Summer nights at our beach after school.

Coops and I found ourselves over the other side of the city yesterday and found an accessible flying fox! he was in heaven! He now wants to build one in the backyard!

Hope you are loving some sunshine today too.



  1. LOVE the photos. You are looking great Bron!Good luck for the tri, I hope you beat Andrew! Love Jess

  2. I'm so jealous you have a beach!! Good luck for the triathlon - I'm very impressed. I would need to be stretchered out...

  3. Bron, you are awesome!!!! Hope all goes well for the triathlon. I am not sure how you do it! Gorgeous photos of the kids and you. Rach xoxoxo

  4. Love that you're doing a triathlon - so cool!! Amazing pictures too, as always! Your blog always puts a smile on my face.

  5. You and Andrew are my heros! A mini-Tri. You go girl. And if you can send some of that sun this way I'd appreciate it.

  6. How awesome! A mini-triathlon! That is just fantastic. Love the photos of your beautiful kids. We are making the most of the final days of summer too xox

  7. looking and sounding awesome bee! happy times xx


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