Saturday, March 16, 2013

Family update.

Family update.
This week Pepper has been much more settled at Kinder. She still likes to be close by me while at home but she is separating nicely on Kinder drop offs.
We discovered the anxiety trigger and we have spent this week making her feel secure about her own mortality and mine too. She is feeling much better now and her bright happy eyes are back.
She takes a photo book of the family to Kinder incase she misses us but I am sure she is too busy on the monkey bars! She mastered 4 rungs on Friday and was so proud.
We spent the morning seeing Cinderella during the Princess Movie event and she loved dancing on the stage afterwards.

Master Cooper is sporting a new haircut. After a week of super hot weather he asked my Dad to take him for a haircut. Poppy picked him up from school that day and they both got a number 3 head shave! I love it as does Coops!
Coops has had a big week appointment wise and only attended school for two days.He did an amazing job at speech therapy this week. He is loving his swimming lesson so much and spends so much time swimming underwater and will try anything, he has no fear in the water!
On Friday he rode part way to school and got so many compliments from school friends who thought it was fantastic that he was doing what every kid does!

Woody is 18 months old next week. He is amazing. He is getting a mouthful of teeth and has been having snuggles with me in the early hours of the morning. He is talking up a storm and is so proud of her little voice!

Woody talking



Last weekend it was boiling hot so the kids and I spent the weekend at Andrews parents. Andrew was away at a music festival and our house was like a sauna.  For some child free time on Sunday morning I competed in another mini tri still focussing on the taking part element rather than the very long time it took me to finish! I did high five the tweens who overtook me on a few occasions! At least this time I did not swallow a whole lot of nasty bay water and felt great afterwards rather than vomitting for three days! Thanks Di for encouring my participation and the great breakfast afterwards.

School term is nearly coming to a close. Easter holidays and much needed pyjama days will be a big feature!

What plans do you have for the school break?



  1. Love your updates.

    We are having a jumping castle birthday extravaganza in the holidays!!

  2. Your kids are so beautiful Bron, and Cooper looks at least 12 in those photos - I love his new hairdo :-)

  3. Such cute pictures and I love Cooper's haircut! :) Thanks for the update.

  4. Love the update on the kids, Woody's curls are devine!
    Love and miss you all.

  5. So pleased Pep is settling better at kinder!! Loving Cooper's new look! Very grown up. And also loving our triathlon fun together xx Di

  6. You have the most beautiful children. Coops looks so grown up with his buzz cut (as we say in America!). Congrats on the mini-tri you should be so proud of yourelf.

    Happy Easter!


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