Friday, June 21, 2013

Scott's story.



Last week Cooper told me he wanted to open up a gym when he's older. He wanted to make it fully accessible and of course make money! He is very much into a future for himself that involves mansions and butlers.....We were chatting about jobs and he found my attitude offensive when I suggested that maybe being a firefighter was not for him. I was hinting that his inability to perhaps climb a ladder might make the job rather hard.


A friend at Andrews work put us onto this clip of Scott whose message is clear and simple so take it on board the next time you make that pity face at my son or anyone else who has a disability.



  1. What a great video (and great sound track!). I really do believe Coops will be whatever he wants to be when he grows up. He will find a way, if anyone can do it, he will. Xo amy

  2. I think Coop can be a fire fighter. Send him over and my hubs will show him that it is all about heart! Love the video. But I love Coops vision for his future even more.


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