Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fast slides.

Friday morning between 9.15 and 12 it's just Woody and I. Next year with both Pepper and Cooper at school we will be able to enjoy each others company a lot more. For now I cherish these few hours with my fast growing toddler.

It's a whole new world having an abled bodied active son. Woody is not so much of a daredevil but does like things fast and faster.

Here he is with his cousin at their local park. I just love watching them both, not yet two fly down the slide.


Woody is a delight. He is loved so much by his siblings and he is a constant source of love and humour.


  1. Isn't it precious! You are so lucky to appreciate these lovely moments and we are so lucky that you share them with us. xxx

  2. That is so cool. Makes you appreciate how easy Cooper was though, doesn't it. Not having to chase him :) Enjoy your time with Woody. I bet you have so much fun!

  3. So cute! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. (:


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