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Welcome to our blog. Lovely to meet you thanks for taking the time to read our story and join in our adventures.

We are a family of five living in suburban Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I started blogging at the end of 2008 as a way of treasuring our journey and also as a form of therapy for myself to write as I travel the roller coaster of disability parenting.

Our eldest son Cooper suffered a lack of oxygen at birth and as a result has Athetoid/dystonic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. As far as labels /info go he suffered a short sharp insult to the basal ganglia, has benign focal epilepsy of childhood and functions at a GMFC level 3.

Coopers developmental milestones are as follows:

  • Drank from a haberman bottle at 6 weeks old
  • Ate solid food at four months.
  • Rolled at five months
  • First word "hammer" at 12 months
  • W sat at 2.5 years
  • Crawled at 2.7 years
  • Walked in a walker at 3.5
  • First powerwheelchair at age 6
  • Mainstream schooling aged 6

As a family we love to travel. We have been to Singapore,Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. We love adventure and discovering new places, people and food. Nothing can get in our way other than saving up for trips!

To read our stories you will find the popular posts on the side bar just click on it. There are also the 
birth stories of each of my children just under the main header.

thanks again for reading. 
I love comments and am really trying to reply to each one as I read them. If you have any questions you can click on the email icon or email me at

Love Bron and family.


  1. Thank you for your amazing blog and your willingness to share your story. Have a lovely day. Jennifer

    1. Thankyou Jennifer for reading our story and taking the time to comment, much appreciated xx Bron

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog (A Place to Write Things) - your children are lovely and I look forward to reading more about all of them! Interestingly, my daughter has a similar diagnosis (athetoid/damage to the basal ganglia), though we don't know what caused her CP. Glad to meet you! <3

  3. Hi Bron,

    My name is Jon and I live in Clearwater, FL in the US with my wife
    Allison and my twin girls Hailey and Olivia. Thank you for your comment
    on our site Livy's Hope. It is amazing how families can reach out to
    each other in this day and age.

    I wanted to let you know I visited your blog and loved reading about
    your family. Cooper is quite an inspirational little boy. I read his
    story of raising money for kids in Cambodia to my daughter Hailey and
    used it as an example of how it just takes one person to make a
    difference in the lives of many. Truly amazing!

    Wanted to mention, too, that aside from Livy's Hope, we recently
    started a facebook page called facebook/findinghopearoundtheworld. We
    are attempting to find as many stories of hope and inspiration as we
    from as many different places as possible. Our thought is that reading
    about other families and what they have been through will help those
    that are currently going through a difficult situation. We would be
    honored if you would submit a post about your family as I am sure from
    reading your stories that you have had some trying times. And of course
    if you posted your blog address along with it, that would be great.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Jon, I would love to write something. Can i email it to you? I am not on FB though :)

  4. Hey bronnie! i hope all is going well! i really miss you all and reading these stories just show that you and andrew are amazing parents! super man and super woman! xxx much love to the family! Lissy

    1. Hi Liss, lovely to hear from you x I think about you often and hope these last few years of school go well and that you are happy x love to you and your family x

  5. Just found your blog via a Study in Contradictions. Lovely to meet you and hear your story. Cooper is beautiful :-) New follower!

    1. Hi Bree, thankyou for reading our story and taking the time to comment x would love to join in your WW pics too :)

  6. Wishing your entire family lots of adventures and peace. Stumbled upon your site as i was looking for children's activities to do in siem all look wonderful...take lots of family portraits together.

    blog more and more and i shall visit often.

  7. Thankyou for reading our adventures and I wish you an amazing holiday in Siem Reap x

  8. Really good to meet you via Wordless Wednesday. You've been blogging a long time. We're on a different different ability journey. it's a slow road sometimes, isn't it?

  9. Bron,
    So nice to meet you Cooper, Pepper, and Woody. I will continue to read about your incredible journey. Thank you for allowing me to the opportunity to grow with your children.

  10. Hi Bron!

    Come, Cook and eat with us and other families worldwide (for free):

    Lris from Italy:


Thankyou for leaving a comment and sharing our journey. Lovely to meet you via blogging and thankyou for your words. Bron

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